About the collection

The collection “Rainis and Aspazija” (RunA) reveals the diversity of the heritage left by both poets. It offers a new possibility, never before used in Latvia, to display the rich collection of private and memorial institutions and exhibit them on the internet in the form of interlinked information.

The collection includes all first editions of Rainis and Aspazija’s works with modern annotations, as well as other text materials – a small part of correspondence with scientific commentaries, archive documents. Available are photos and posters; audio – speech, pieces of works; video – newsreel fragments; and other materials, showcasing the intermediate connection between these objects of heritage, and also the historical background and connection with outside factors –people, institutions, locations, events. The collection of Rainis and Aspazija also includes heritage objects that have never been published before, for example, materials about the study years of Rainis in the Saint-Petersburg University, with photos.

The collection was created with the goal to develop this as a resource for digital humanities science researchers and students, and all other people in and outside of Latvia, who are interested in Rainis and Aspazija.

About collection creators

National Library of Latvia

National Archives of Latvia

Association of Memorial Museums

Literature and Music Museum

Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia

The initiative about creating the pilot project appeared in 2014, when The National Library of Latvia proposed to study and try using linked data technology in practice to assemble and organize the scattered cultural heritage.

In the study process while creating the collection, a team of representatives of different institutions was assembled: the National Archives of Latvia, National Library of Latvia, Association of Memorial Museums, and the Literature and Music Museum.

Questions, commentaries and offers of future cooperation in the creation of the collection, please address to bi@lnb.lv.

We also express our gratitude to the researcher of LU ILFA

Doctor of philology Gundega Grīnuma,

for the consultative support.

Creators of RunA

Collection formation concept – Uldis Bojārs, Anita Goldberga, Artūrs Žogla, Anita Rašmane, Aiva Stūrmane

Conceptual linked-data solution – Uldis Bojārs, Artūrs Žogla

Text-document annotation solution – Edgars Salna, Anita Rašmane, Artūrs Žogla, Uldis Bojārs

Content creation

  • Annotations of works by Rainis & Aspazija – Astrīda Cīrule
  • Material selection – Aiva Stūrmane, Anita Rašmane, Solvita Puķīte, Valda Barone, Jānis Šiliņš, Dace Bušante, Linda Pleša, Oksana Oša, Raits Lubinskis, Indra Viļumsone, Mārtiņš Mintaurs
  • Data processing – Mārīte Jankevica-Balode, Jogita Sauka, Aiva Stūrmane, Valda Barone
  • Text-document annotation – Anita Rašmane, Anita Goldberga, Inga Kapeniece, Solveiga Ķīkule
  • Digitisation – Lāsma Timma
  • English translation – Ieva Gribuste, Juris Benķis

Technical implementation – Jānis Freimanis, Valters Mukāns, Artūrs Žogla, Edgars Salna

Design – “ABC Software”, Artūrs Žogla

Copyright issues – Jurģis Īvāns

Administrative support – Jana Ķikāne, Karīna Bandere, Māra Sprūdža, Dace Bušante

Project management (Pilot collection and its development) – Anita Goldberga

Supplementing the collection with a new dataset of 118 letters and postcards from the early stage of poet emigration in Switzerland is funded by the Latvian Council of Science, project “Latvian Memory Institution Data in the Digital Space: Connecting Cultural Heritage”, project No. lzp-2019/1-0365.